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PT. kong hai express cargo ( Shipping cargo from china to jakarta)

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PT. kong hai express cargo ( Shipping cargo from china to jakarta)
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Nama:Ibu asniza ASNI [Pemasaran]
Pesan Instan:
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Ibu asniza ASNI di jakarta
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Ibu asniza ASNI di jakarta
Alamat:taman palem lestari jakarta
jakarta 876567, Jakarta
Alamat Belum Valid
Hati-hati terhadap penipuan. Anggota ini BELUM diverifikasi atau disahkan oleh Indonetwork atau pihak lainnya.
Rata-rata Tinjauan PemakaiTidak ada ulasan untuk perusahaan ini - Menulis tinjauan
Tanggal Bergabung:18 Apr. 2013
Terakhir Diperbarui:19 Apr. 2013
Sifat Dasar Usaha:Jasa dari kategori Transportasi

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Shipping cargo from china to jakarta

Import door to Door to Indonesia by Air Freight
And Sea Freight, with many years Experiences
made us more capable and professional than
other logistics provider.
With our import door to door services,
Your cargo arrival on time and safety,
Our Import door to door rate offered in
One package all in rate, including Tax and duty
in Indonesia, import License complete,
Ex-works system means we will pick up the cargo
From origin country and deliver up to your door.
Import Door to Door Services Route by Air Freight &
Sea Freight
China to Jakarta, Indonesia
By Air Freight 7 Days, by Sea Freight 3 ~ 4 weeks.
Benefit with Our Import Door to Door System

Ex-works System
We will pick up your goods from country of origin
and deliver direct to your door by air freight or
sea freight depend on your request.

All in Package Rate
Means we offer all in rate import door to door where the rate
Has include pick up changes at origin, custom handling
at origin, sea port or air port charges at Origin, storage charges
sea port or air port at origin, freight charges by air or sea,
custom handling In Indonesia, Tax and duty in Indonesia,
sea port or air port charges at Indonesia, storage charges
sea port or air port at Indonesia and transportation charges
from sea port or air port up to your door.

One Stop Communication
With our import door to door services by ex-works system
We offer one stop communication, easier client to send and
Monitor the shipment step and step process and transit.
Safe time,

We will process your air freight or sea freight shipment with
Earlier schedule, rush in Custom process and operation,
We may pick and choose sea liner and air liner with exact
Schedule and finally your cargo shipping flow could be
Smoother, faster and easy to monitored. You can sleep well
Without confusing with question marks, when cargo can
received ?
Safe Cost,

Acted as partner, we will help you to increase your income by
Giving low cost shipping rate with better services, we dare to
Compete competitor rate because we are consolidator
operator Not co-loader company who co-load with other
cargo company With our good collaboration and connection with experiences overseas agencies, Air liner and
sea liner made us could offer better rate or negotiable rate.

Safety Services
With our highly skill staff who has more than 10 years experiences In import door to door services and supported
by experiences Overseas agency, we could perform
perfect shipping services By air freight or sea freight.
We dare to cover up your loss or damage During
shipping process according to value stated on your invoice.
081905851146 ASNIZA

Our promise to customers is as follows.
We guarantee you a 100% safe environment & you have the choice of withdrawing all excess funds immediately or leaving your excess funds at Ejet.

We guarantee the safety of your funds through us to the suppliers.
We will take the 100% Responsibility.
We guarantee that if there any quality problems after our QC. which not fulfill your quality requirement ( We require a detailed QC instruction Sheet) .
We will cover the 100% responsibility.
We guarantee that if there any quantity difference.
We cover the 100% responsibility of the shortage.
We guarantee that we will shoulder any loss from breakages on FCL.
Translation & Buying
As your staff in China!
Experienced Translator ( English. Spanish, Russia, Arabic) Team guide you to the Right wholesale market or Factories. Take the picture. Write down all the order details. Calculate the CBM. Negotiate the price for you!
Communicate with the suppliers confirm & Follow up the orders on your behalf!
Sampling confirmation, Control the risks on the buying process. Solve or avoid the problems from the suppliers before ití s happened.
Communicate with you daily
Free Sourcing
Experienced & Prompt sourcing team.
More than 3000 qualified factory network cover most kinds of products.
Well known where to get the cheapest price in China according different products.
If you have any products need sourcing, doní t hesitate to contact us. We are providing free sourcing service. Only charges the commission after get the your satisfy price & order is confirmed.
Financial Support

Accept different kinds of payments LC. T.T, DP, Western Union. Paypal Etc.
Distribute payments to your different suppliers
Provide financial support to you if necessary to help you expand the business in China.
Inspection & Quality Control

Your Eyes in China!
Experienced & Professional Quality Control Team
Pre-Production Inspection, Audit the suppliers to guarantee it' s not a scammer and has enough capacity to take the orders.
On-Porduction Inspection, Follow up the orders to make sure it' s delivery on time. And keep update to our customer if there are any changes. Control the problems before happened

Pre-Shipment Inspection, Inspect the Quality, Quantity, Packing and all the Other issues to according your requirement before delivery. If there any difference. We will let you make decision....asnizakonghaicargoatyahoodotcodotid
Ekspedisi Super Murah & Cepat dari China ke Indonesia Door To Door
Perkenalkan saya ASNIZA dari PT. konghai express cargo, Perusahaan kami bergerak di bidang Forwader Importir Mancanegara khususnya Cina, perusahaan kami telah bergerak di bidang Forwarder selama 10 tahun.
PT. konghai express cargo adalah Perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang jasa pengiriman barang Import dari manca negara, kdipercayakan oleh konsumen kami untuk jasa inclaring Full Container Load ( FCL ) diseluruh manca negara.
kami juga membuka jasa pengiriman dalam bentuk Less than Container Load ( LCL ) untuk memenuhi kebutuhan konsumen kami dari China ke Indonesia.
Kami sudah lebih dari sepuluh tahun menghandle macam-macam shipment dari Mancanegara. Dan yang kami utamakan adalah kecepatan dalam pengiriman, marketing handal dengan service yang baik menghandle konsumen dan juga keamanan barang tersebut hingga ditangan konsumen langsung.
Guangzhou DAN YIWU
service LCL = kubikasi? M3
-dari jakarta ke singapore
jasa inclaring Full Container Load ( FCL ) MENYEDIAKAN KARGO DARI CHINA KE JAKARTA
20 FIT
40 FIT

081905851146 ASNIZA
2865BB65 no pin BB

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